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Sunday, December 5, 2010

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The Many Faces of Carla Gallo

I know - you're probably wondering, “who the hell is Carla Gallo?” That's what I would wonder, if someone told me her  name. We'll start with Bones. She plays Daisey, one of the rotating interns and the love interest of Sweets. She's goofy, impressionable and plays the role to the hilt. Daisey can be so annoying you want to smack her, and then so cute you want to hug her. Daisey is a character who craves acceptance; in spite of her incredible intelligence, it means nothing if she is not validated by the likes of Temperance Brennan or in her love with Dr. Sweets. Like Brennan, she's socially awkward, but completely at odds in terms of direction.

In an interesting twist, Gallo also played a character named Daisy on Californication. She was virtually unrecognizable in the role. This Daisy was a porn star who became entangled in the life of Charlie Runkle, eventually breaking up his marriage. Daisy was in the dregs of the porn industry.

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Friday, December 3, 2010


I'm honored to be able to write for three sites starting soon., and It has always been my dream to write, and to do so for my favorite hobby, television viewing, is just a dream come true. Thank you to all of you who are making my dreams come true.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Do NOT miss Fringe tonight!!! Check out this trailer!!

If it crossed your mind to watch another show over Fringe tonight - I beg of you to rethink that decision. If this "official" trailer for the episode "Entrada" does not blow your mind and make you want to travel forward in time to see more, then we have nothing to speak about.

The look on Peter's face as he turns around in bed is enough to set me into a tailspin of excitement! Join me later tonight after the show is over to read my take and sound off in the comments.

I hope you're looking forward to this as much as I am. Let's make some waves tonight people - get everyone to watch, enjoy and come read my review of the episode later on CliqueClack!

Friday, October 22, 2010

My daily emotional dump...

It's funny how things creep up on you. I've been attributing hormones, stress, all around depression, loneliness and a whole host of other reasons to why I feel like I feel. To why I make the decisions, good or bad, that I make.

The last couple years have showered me with shit. Shit that equals challenges such as car accidents, assaults, physical and emotional turmoil...and I do tend to get stuck underneath it. I try to keep the smile (although it's no longer mine), the laughter and the overall entertainment value high (even if it's delivered in a mixture of "it's all about me" and "I hate people"), but I am not always successful.

While I've been living in this post-apocalyptic Carissaism, trying to be everything and nothing to all people, I have this one nagging date creeping in. November 1st. We are moving our office to an incredible new location...25th floor, awesome views. A really great space. Of course I'm in a fishbowl, the only inner office in the suite and walled with glass, but outside of that, it's a great change. Stressful getting there, but the payoff should feel fabulous.

What else is happening on November 1st? That's the next potential parole hearing date for my ex who doesn't yet know he's an ex. The man who assaulted me. The one I truly thought, given some time to stew in his own juices, would grow up, realize what potential beauty he had in life and change. Ok - I was an idiot with flights of fancy. I had no real belief he would be able to change, it was just that basic human emotion - hope. I wanted my assault, my pain and loss to actually mean something. Turns out I'm just like every other victim of crime. A victim. No lofty changes will be gained from my pain, no good will be gained. His children still will not have a father. I will never have the movie-moment ending. No thank you for standing by him, trying to get him help even after he violated me. No nothing. But I let the fucking entertainment crap I watch so effortlessly to lead me to believe some good could come out of evil. Jokes on me.

Last week the inmate tracker system was down. I lost track of my inmate. I thought maybe he was out. And all of my bravado swirled down the drain. I was absolutely paralyzed. Then I got a long, long letter. The ramblings of a man in pain, a man who cannot see the forest through the trees, still not willing to let the light in and see his own contribution to what his life has become.

So. November 1st. Big day. I have no idea what it holds. And it's scaring the shit out of me.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trust me, there's no such thing as Sharktopus!

Oh really? Just how dumb do you think I am? Do you think I don't watch TV? OF COURSE there is a Sharktopus! I am right in the middle of watching this badass creature do some serious damage. The title of this post? Yeah, it was said right before a sharktopus reached up and grabbed a man off the side of a boat, squeezed the guts out of him and ATE him. So, there's that. I never thought of octopuses as being that aggressive, but when you've got eight massive tentacles on a shark hell-bent on a murderous rampage, you have yourself a killing machine!

Eric Roberts somehow found himself the star of this awesome Syfy original, and he is a very, very bad man. Mr. Roberts has a way about him and I just tend to believe he didn't even know he was being filmed. Something was awfully fishy about this whole "movie." He has been taking money from the government and using it to "tweak" the animal his daughter (who looks nothing like Emma) worked so very, very (yes, there are a lot of very verys here ... lots) hard to create. And did he tell her he manipulated her genetic-y stuff? Nooooo. Why would he do that? Poor sharktopus, probably a real love at heart, was made into a monster by her loving father. Daughter must have had an English mother, because although she was American, she had one hell of an accent. She tried really hard to sound American, so I figure her school friends must have made fun of her and her funny accent.

Anywho ... sharktopus really WAS a nice shark ... err ... octopus ... critter. In the first scene, when he was still wearing this mouth brace thingy and responding to commands from Ms. English Daughter Scientist Girl, he pulled back and saved a chick from a regular shark when he could have had a nice, tasty bikinied treat in his grasp. How nice is that? Everything went awry when he shook off his mouth guard. I have no idea how they got film of all of these people being killed by a sharktopus, of all things, but they did!

This really unattractive girl (who had a boyfriend -- oh really??) was afraid of heights, but her boyfriend made her bungie jump over the ocean. She loved it so much she did it TWICE. Well, doncha know, second time that blasted sharktopus just jumped and ate her right up. I saw it -- live! OMG. He was apparently so turned on that he tried to eat a Volkswagon off the cliff by pulling it down with his tentacles! That's what makes sharktopus so deadly. Dude can walk, climb, grab, chew and even growl. Growl!

OK, OK. I know. There is no such thing as a sharktopus. But, there really should be. There is no reason I can think of that all of these vacationers should get to spend their hard earned money and have a good time when I don't. I love that in spite of the recent resurgence of his career, Eric Roberts still gives it his all for a good B movie. I love that Syfy has not given up the ghost amid the naysayers who said Syfy, um, jumped the sharktopus by keeping the cheese alive. Growing up with Saturday and Sunday afternoon creature features made for some great memories. If I had kids, I'd make them watch Syfy with me all weekend. If nothing else, they'd learn respect for the unknown and would be scared as hell to do anything they shouldn't. Those naughty kids always get eaten in the end. Booyaa!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reactions over Ariz. law ruling range from relief to rage -

Reactions over Ariz. law ruling range from relief to rage -

Newsflash! Arizona is not hostile to Hispanics, but to ILLEGAL Hispanics. There is a huge difference.

If all of the illegals are such great people, then why didn't the follow the rules to come here, like so many of their fellow countrymen and others from countries outside of the North American continent have done?

I like to welcome healthy, law abiding visitors to apply for citizenship, not those who don't have the guts to put it all out on the table in their desire to be an American citizen. Nor do I enjoy those who want our country to become more like the one they ran from, instead of assimilating to the one that beckoned in the first place. If where you were was so fabulous, then you would have stayed. Because it is not, then embrace the American culture while preserving your own, like so many generations before you. I don't think this is too much to ask.

I like amnesty - for everyone who has already started the citizenship process and have waited for approval. If we're going to "fix" the system, then lets start by showing our appreciation to those who have followed our laws.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

APPALLING!!! Court Upholds Expulsion of Counseling Student Who Opposes Homosexuality - Court Upholds Expulsion of Counseling Student Who Opposes Homosexuality

This is completely unacceptable. At this point, there is not even a compelling argument for biological homosexuality. Until there is definitive proof of that biological element, people have a right to believe what they want to believe. They can believe in homosexuality, or they can choose not to believe.

The problem here is, again, someone saying that we HAVE to think like everyone else thinks. No, unkind sirs, we do not. If a student doesn't believe the holocaust was real, are they denied an education because of it? I would certainly hope not. Believing in God is as rational as believing in aliens - should one of those students be denied an education based upon their beliefs? No. Students should be able to logically argue ANY point and remain in school.

To take away supposition and debate is to squash all intellectual and educational expansion. If someone in the future wants to deny said student of a position at their school, that is their right. But the right to an eduction should NEVER be based upon a student's belief system.

Cemetery Agrees to Let Father of Fallen Soldier to Fly Flags - Cemetery Agrees to Let Father of Fallen Soldier to Fly Flags

This is one of those instances where something just pops out at you. I've been slowly rewatching Six Feet Under. I heard a commercial for Dignity Memorial on the radio today, and it reminded me of the big chain of funeral homes that wanted to buy out Fisher & Sons. The crass blond dude who kept bothering them at the most inappropriate times.

I was quite shocked today to hear that most of the formerly family-owned funeral homes in Denver had been taken over by Dignity Memorial. Imagine my surprise when I read this article through, only to find out at the end that it's run by Dignity Memorial. I even hate the name. Go Fisher & Sons! Save the family run funeral home!

Friday, July 23, 2010

This has gone too far; anyone agree? - Legal Challenges to Prayer on the Rise

I don't understand people being upset at prayer. Unless someone is requiring you to pray along side them, how is this anyone's issue but those who pray?

The same people who are dismayed that anyone would question someone's right to wear religious garb in a driver's license photo, for instance, out of the other side of their mouths they are saying that they find two people praying on their own offensive.

Just how is any religious practice offensive unless someone is mandating that you participate or, perhaps, offering up your lame ass as a religious sacrifice? Frankly, I'd like to offer up all of those offended as a peace offering to those of us who are so fucking sick of people thinking they have a right not to be offended.

Saturday, July 17, 2010 - Feds to Monitor Obesity as White House Promotes Obama Cook to Senior Position - Feds to Monitor Obesity as White House Promotes Obama Cook to Senior Position I cannot wait until this intrusive fuck is out of the white house. I will throw a huge party. My vote - no manly muscles on women. Where the initiative for that???

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Largest (fake) Breasts in the World May Be Killer

So it turns out that, after 30 surgeries to augment (and de-augment?) her breasts, Sheyla Hershey would go back in time and undo it all to ensure her life was no longer in danger.

She has contracted a deadly staph infection and they have had to remove her implants, and may have to remove her own breasts, as well. Why can't people just be happy with what they have been given and avoid these needless dangers?

Plus - they look hideous and uncomfortable.

Apparently, Toyota Drivers Are Idiots

How embarrassing - blaming the car manufacturer for your inability to tell the difference between the gas pedal and the brake. I'm sure these are future Prius owners. HA!

And how does the floor mat holding down the gas pedal count as a car defect? Anyone who has driven a car knows to make sure your mats are in the proper position to avoid situations just like those. Toyota can hardly be held responsible because an idiot has his mat up under the dash.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Campaign Heats Up to Move All-Star Game Out of Arizona Over Immigration Concerns - Campaign Heats Up to Move All-Star Game Out of Arizona Over Immigration Concerns

Frankly, I think this has gone too far. Illegal immigration is - hello - illegal. We need to stop handling criminals with kid gloves, whether they are illegal immigrants, domestic abusers or shoplifters. People know right from wrong, and if they choose wrong, they need to deal with the consequences. Its our government's job to ensure that law-abiding citizens are not paying for the crimes of those who are not law-abiding, and certainly those who are not citizens.

NAACP Targets Tea Party As Racist?

Seriously - this is ridiculous. An organization for black people has the nerve to call an organization with no race orientation a racist group? Every group, NAACP included, has racists within their ranks. To try to shut down a new political voice because the president is black and to mark any group against said president as racist is completely out of line. The continued use of the race card is only a way to try to shut down the argument when there is no viable counter. Additionally, continually trying to blame anyone against Obama as a racist actually makes matters worse and not better. Does nobody in this country think for themselves any more? What a huge disappointment.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Excerpt from a nightmare

I always leave crap sitting on my stove top, and in my dream I had done the same, but I didn't realize it was a gas stove. I saw something just start to catch fire, and ran to the stove. In one instant I noticed it was a gas stove, and the fire was under the burner and I could smell the sear of gas. Just as I computed the thought I heard this deep sucking sound and a WHOMP as the stove exploded and as I was soaring through the air, limbs akimbo, realizing this is how I was going to die. What's funny is that even as I was heading toward the wall, just as my body broke through, there was still a part of me that thought maybe, just maybe I would make it out alive. So bizarre to have all of these incredibly rational thoughts in one split second as I hurtled toward death. I know I had all of the same thoughts last year when I had my car accident and again when I was assaulted, but part of me didn't think it was real at the time. I wonder if every time I come close to dying I will think that I will come out okay, because I did it twice in one year. But one time I won't. Freaky.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Rioting in Oakland after cops verdict

Here's the story. I get it. I really do. I understand it's frustrating to have someone killed in the line of duty, especially under friendly fire. If he's to be believed, the copy meant to pull his taser and pulled his gun instead. If that's true, can you imagine the guilt he would feel as a result? He may, or may not have meant to pull his taser. We will most likely never know.

What I do know is that if this kid had not been in a fight, and had not been resisting arrest, there wouldn't have even been a reason for the cops to be there, let alone use a taser, and mistakenly (or not) a gun. If the cop had walked into the station and shot a man lying on the platform who had no other reason to be there, this would be a tragedy. As it stands, why was he resisting arrest? When a cop says you are under arrest, you comply. You don't rebel and add another charge to the books. Especially if you have not done anything wrong.

Simply by resisting arrest he put his life in danger. First the fight, then resisting arrest. Everything else that happened snowballed from there.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Secret Life of the American Teenager, I'm still a sucka for ya

I have to admit that I am not enjoying this season as much as I have the past seasons. That is not to say I can drag myself way from the screen when it's airing, but it's darker. The kids have all been through so much and its dragging them down.

They are not down as in depressed, but really losing the sweetness that was underlying in to many of them. In tonights episode, after Amy goes to New York City just before the end of the school year to attend a prestigious musical program, the entire school has determined she is pregnant again. And they are all talking. "All" includes teachers, as well. Its no wonder they all gossip like crazy - even the damned gym coach thinks its his place to discuss the personal lives of students with other students.

The two characters most changed this season are Ben and Ashley. Ben, faced with the pregnancy of Adrian after a one-night stand has become a complete stooge. For a guy who was stupid enough to fall in love with a girl (Amy) just from looking at her, before even knowing she was pregnant with someone else's baby, he is completely unprepared to deal with his own situation. He says inane things like "what am I going to do with a baby?" Mind you, he says this to Ricky, of all people. Ricky who has stepped up to the plate for his own child in a what that would be enviable of any character on television. Watching Ben become such a pathetic wretch is difficult because I never liked him to start. They basically took the one quality he had and squashed it.

Ashley was the spunky girl with undeniable truth on her side. Once she decided she liked the father of her sister's baby (Ricky), she started to lie to the people with whom she had always been very true. Her father for instance. Thankfully, he called her on it and she is doing a little better with him, but still hiding the feelings she has for Ricky, which will only cause everyone pain in the long run.

Now that Adrian is pregnant and wanting to have an abortion (tonights episode ended with she and her mom leaving for the clinic), I am really hoping Brenda Hampton has the balls to let her have the abortion. If not, its not only setting a very bad example for very young girls who find themselves in the position to make a life-changing decision, one that is a valid choice. I really hope religion doesn't come into play to the point that all girls are lead to believe they, too, will have supportive friends and families should they decide to have a baby. I think one family in the hood is a stretch, but neighbors? Talk about setting unrealistic expectations!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shit. My birthday is less than a week away.

My mom sent me an Amazon gift certificate for my birthday last night. I'm trying to figure out what to buy. I've wanted a new cookware set for ages, need new knives, want bath supplies....looking at these items with Julie & Julia on the set has made me cry. Since I turned 33 the year I had decided I would "have it all," or get it for myself if I didn't, has come and gone 12 times. It's not that I'm feeling sorry for myself, it's more an honest assessment that I have made nothing of my life, and yet seem content to let it continue.

All of the lofty dreams and ideas I have; ambitions, however small, the life in my imagination - I seem to sabotage it at every turn. I seem more content to suffer and wilt in silence than to pick myself up by my bootstraps and make something of myself. It's a horrible realization, knowing that everything I do not have is of my own making and my fear of success - I wouldn't know how to be really happy - keeps me from making a move.

I don't know what it is that has kept me from moving forward, but I've spent 20 years in a holding pattern; my life has continued but I've not grown with it. More horrifically, I only tend to realize this once per year, just a week before another has officially gone by.

Will this year be any different? Dare I try to make something of it before it's too late?

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Catcher In The Rye - The Elusive Script

If JD Salinger didn't want Hollywood to produce a live production of The Catcher in the Rye, then his wishes should be respected. I don't think it would be a shock, dear reader, to hear that nary a film has ever lived up to the book it was based upon. The subtle nuances of writing are not easily transferred to film, and many authors have been unfortunate enough to have to live with the results. It must be heartbreaking to put your life into something that is well received in the literary world only to see it laid to waste in the theater. The web is littered with lists of the letdowns and failures as well as the successes that come from transferring the written page to cinema. But of one thing I am certain; the wishes of the author should be considered before all else, after all, it was their brilliant mind that brought such a wonder to life in the first place.

The Catcher in the Rye 'to be made into Hollywood film' - Telegraph

Obama administration spends $1.2 billion on cycling and walking initiatives - Telegraph

Obama administration spends $1.2 billion on cycling and walking initiatives - Telegraph

It's fabulous to know where our priorities lie. Nobama spends over a billion dollars on biking and walking initiatives, but only $215 million to help combat domestic and sexual violence. Thank GOD he's committed to our most dire needs. - Obama Administration Planning to File Suit Against Arizona Immigration Law - Obama Administration Planning to File Suit Against Arizona Immigration Law

What, exactly, will this lawsuit entail? "Hey! This is OUR job, and we suggest you don't do it for us!"?? This administration needs to get its head out of its ass. There is not one thing they have done yet that I agree with, and it seems that the majority of polls show I am not alone in feeling misrepresented.

Parts of our country are CLOSED DOWN due to the lack of balls on this and our past president. Closed down to US citizens. Part of the United States! Because of drug dealers and murderers being more safe for our soil than TRUCKS TO PATROL THE DAMNED AREAS!

What has happened to us? Where has our heart gone? Where is our desire to succeed, to protect our citizens, to be strong for the rest of the world when they need us? Instead we have our heads in the sand.

I'm embarrassed to be represented by this bunch of idiots.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

First time I've ever seen my BF in jail

And its a commercial promo...I didn't even see the actual story, although it was on all local channels. Go figure.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Livin the dream

After six months in jail, not only was a new charge added to my boyfriend's case, but it has now been switched to a new DA. One who needs the "felony experience." First the public defender's office quits and now they're using him as a learning experience for the justice system. A DA with an ax to grind, I'm sure. Turns out his wife was on trial earlier this year for trying to kill him. Must be a great guy!

Of course, I find none of this out via the Victim's Assistance person in the DA's office, because the DA's office is prosecuting on behalf of the state, not for me. But they'd still like to meet with me to prepare me as best as possible for what will happen when they put me on the stand.

I've decided they can all wait with baited breath on what I will say on the stand. Oh goody! Doesn't this all sound like FUN? Do yourself a favor, if you are ever attacked, don't leave until you have killed your attacker. You will be treated far better from that side than you will ever be treated as a victim

Monday, February 22, 2010

"Alleged Victim", Witness, it's a bunch of hooey

As some of you may already know, I was a victim of domestic violence just after Thanksgiving.  My boyfriend, who I believe to be bipolar, was drinking a lot (I was drinking as well), and he got mad at me and beat the crap out of me, even knocking out two teeth.  He is not aware of most that happened that night, and I think that's wrong.  I want us to heal, and for him to receive treatment for things he has never had the privilege of addressing before this incident, in spite of numerous close calls.  I refuse to let something like this happen to me without there being a positive outcome.

What bothers me the most is that I have absolutely no say in anything related to this case.  I have no representation, and the defense and the prosecution can freely volley my name or classification (alleged victim or witness if they don't use my name) an no one is there to represent my interests.  They can say whatever they want about me, and I'm not there to tell my side, or defend myself in any manner whatsoever.  I am merely a pawn for the prosecution or defense.  Something is horribly fucking wrong with that scenario.  

Why does our justice system allow for no protection for a victim?  Why don't I have an attorney who is there to ensure that nothing unseemly is said about me, and to protect my interests?  To keep me from being the proverbial tennis ball lobbed from side to side...she was drinking, so her statement doesn't hold as much weight. Well, if he was drinking, then his statement doesn't hold weight either.  So where does that leave everyone?  Oh!  I know!  It leaves the defendant covered and the witness (VICTIM) standing naked in the wind.  Uncovered, unprotected.  Is that really justice?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Entertainment I can't live without

It's the old stranded on a deserted island game.  I was looking through my CDs, DVDs, books, etc., and tried to think of what items of each I could not live without.  I figure all of this would have to be housed on my Droid with some sort of solar charger, so I hope they come up with inexpensive 32 GB micro SD cards and a solar charger before I am stranded.

Not limiting myself to any particular number of any items, because in some cases I couldn't live without an entire catalog of a particular artist or an entire series.  And you can fit a hell of a lot of stuff onto 32 GB, and is my damn world, so I'm taking as much as I can!

Aimee Mann.  It was reading her tweets and realizing her music has not left my side in over 20 years that made me think of this in the first place.  I can be incredibly down, and just to listen to one Aimee Mann song (whether through Til Tuesday or solo), can take me to a different place entirely.  Her music is as ingrained in my life as any of my memories along the way.

Nelson DeMille.  Entire library.  There has only been one book by DeMille that I didn't thoroughly enjoy, and it was a follow-up to one of my favorite books of all time, The Gold Coast.  Really, he should have left it alone. I think that with so much time in between the original and the sequel, his life took just a different direction and where the characters would have ended up earlier was not where the ended up later.  But so many of his books I can read again and again, that I would choose his to accompany me on my Droid.

(I must interrupt this post to tell you how much I despise the commercials. I'd rather be water boarded.)

Movies and TV are pretty easy to determine.  I just did this, theoretically, by purchasing new Blu-Ray discs of movies I already had on DVD.  I'll just list them.  You can read into it what you want.
Final Destination series
Supernatural TV series
Friday the 13th parts 1 and 2
Live Free or Die Hard
Cast Away (tips!)
Just Married
Charlies Angels (entire series not currently available, but its my world)
The Bionic Woman (I have it downloaded from some other country, so I'll take it!)
Marilyn Monroe (all)
In Bruges
Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series

Ayn Rand. Entire library.  It might not seem as relevant and important to me if I was alone with my entertainment, but her philosophy speaks so well to what I believe she should make the trip.

Counting Crows - August and Everything After

Theory of a Deadman and Three Days Grace catalogs.

I find myself entirely bored now.  How pathetic is that.  Right in the middle of a stranded island and I peter off. Since I don't think I'll be stranded any time soon, I figure I can finish this up later.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Qik - Laughter a go go by Carissa Pavlica

Qik - Entertainment @ Pageant by Carissa Pavlica

Android Apps I Can't Live Without - Part Deux


I seriously cannot believe that when I started out on my Apps post I was thinking of Flyscreen, and by the end I completely forgot to mention it.  I guess it's because I don't have to DO ANYTHING to use it.  My screen locks, and instead of just a worthless blob of plastic and metal, I have things to do!  I use it for Gmail, Twitter, entertainment and news sites (must keep up with the Charlie Sheen case since my case as victim is in the same courtroom with the same DA and same Judge!) and Icanhascheezeburger...  There are so many different things you can do with Flyscreen.  If you have an Android phone, I highly recommend trying it out.  Love love love!!!

PS - you can also follow them on Twitter!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Android Apps I Cannot Live Without

Yes, I am well aware that everyone and their brother is babbling on about their favorite Android applications.  So stop yer bitchin'.  I'm obviously not the first to annoy you!  I'm writing this because after reading about what everyone else loves, I am surprised that my list doesn't have what I expected.  Please note:  I'm too damned lazy to included links, but if you type in the title to the Android Marketplace, you'll find these pronto.

Music Related

Tunewiki - I've tried so many music applications.  Its not that I didn't like the one that came with my Droid, because it does a fine job.  I just like extras.  An application that provides me with the lyrics of songs and allows me to blip to Twitter wins.  Not only does it do that, but it seems to "read" the file properties of songs better than other players.  I don't have near the "unknown artist" issues utilizing this library than I do with other programs that I've tried and deleted.  I was going to name them for you, until I realized that once I decided on Tunewiki, I deleted the others and my old mind flushed them to make room for more information!  Oh - I almost forgot, right from the program you can choose to make any song your ringtone.  Nice.

Shazam- Shit - this is the coolest application ever. I used to take pictures of my favorite songs and new bands on my satellite radio to remember what they were.  Now I just press Tag Now and with the exception of TWO songs, it finds the song, artist, and will try to make the connection to YouTube or AmazonMP3 to purchase the song.  I use this program more often than any other on my Droid.  It has actually made an impact on my life.  Seriously.

Album Art Grabber - It is so frakking annoying when you download something and the album art doesn't come with it.  Or if your player doesn't bother to search the web for your art. Album Art Grabber actually give you an assortment of art to pick from.  If I don't like the original cover, I can use one that was for a single.  I like options.

MP3Tagger - since I sometimes get music from online "friends", it doesn't always come with the proper labeling to be seen in the right spot of my music library. This handy dandy tool lets you change the properties of MP3 files only so you can find the little buggers.

Other Stuff

I still haven't settled on a lot of things.  For texting, I tried HandCent which seems to have a good rep, but there was just something annoying about it.  I have now moved on to ChompSMS, but I'm not really sure what it is supposed to do. They want you to buy something or other (points??) to completely use their product, but other than that it just reminds me of HandCent, minus the bugaboos.

Tweeting was previously done with Twitdroid, but the free version doesn't support, which is my favorite URL shortener.  Today I switched to Seesmic, and it seems to be doing exactly what I want.  If it falls by the wayside, I'll let you know!

I use Ringdroid to create ringtones from my library of music.  You can pick whatever part of the song you like and trim it and make your ringtone.  There were a couple others I tried, but this one works perfect every time, so I can't figure out why I would bother with anything else.

I use Jetflicks! (and you have to pay for it!) for TV and movie viewing.  They have whole programs to view and when I'm at lunch or just hanging around the office being bored, I can watch a program.  Yay!  What could be bad about that?

There are a lot of other choices, but nothing that has been life altering.  Not Android specific is Google Voice.  The best thing about this is the voice mail transcription.  I absolutely hate using the phone if I don't have to, and I really like receiving transcribed voice mails.  I also like that I can record a call at the press of a button, that all of my other Google services are all tied together, etc.  Android is fabulous when you actually utilize the Google products to the extent I do.

So there you have it.  My contribution to the Droid application wars.  Whoopthefuckindoo.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is this meant to be an entrees or a side dish? Is it meant for families? I don't think it would work for either. Smallest portions EVER.

Yes, I'm now watching Chuck

So many of my Twitter friends are rabid Chuck fans, but I didn't make it past about five episodes in the first season. I really wanted to like it, but Chuck was just too bumbling. The first episode was such a great set up, but the execution didn't make it compelling enough to be must see TV. I remember seeing Zachary Levi on The Bonnie Hunt show and thinking he was such a great guy that it made me want to watch Chuck even more. Didn't happen.

The little show that could got renewed and my Twitter friends said that this year he would be a super spy. Okay, okay. I watched. And I enjoyed it! Chuck is still likable, but he's not bumbling any more. He has more confidence. There are less "the joke is on Chuck the silly Buy More spy" moments, and it suits the overall appeal of Chuck. I actually find myself looking forward to watching it. {Gasp!}

Admittedly, I wouldn't be upset if the Buy More portion of the show disappeared all together. With the exception of his best friend, the rest of the characters are annoying and clownish. The trend these days of working in the generic version of Sam's Club or Home Depot is to, I assume, show that no matter their super skills (RIP Reaper), our heroes are still just regular guys. In the "old days" Superman worked as a reporter, Wonder Woman was in the Military, The Bionic Woman was a teacher and even Electra Woman and Dyna Girl were reporters. Now our heroes work retail. I'm not sure what that says about the average American. Just sayin'.

Finally, I awoke today to a very shitty movie on Showtime. Shitty, but conservative; pro-America. Not a popular Hollywood trait. Turns out Zachary Levi was in it which, I will assume given the rest of the cast, makes him a conservative (I leave out Republican, because the best conservatives are Independents, like me). That made me look into Mr. Levi just a bit more, and it seems not only is he a nice guy, most likely a conservative in a sea of progressives, but he's also a devout Christian. Despite the fact that I don't relish organized religion, I find him even more appealing knowing that in this political climate and in his profession specifically, he goes against the grain. Makes me want to really root for his success, and gives me an even more compelling reason to watch Chuck.

Live long and prosper, Chuck!

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Friday, January 22, 2010


I just want to create a new damned blog. Every attempt turns to shit. Now I can't even get my twitterfeed to show recent tweets. They are from October. October 2009. A man can walk on the moon (well, maybe), a jet carrying 300 passengers can fly through the air (well, maybe) and the Los Angeles Fire and Rescue can actually rescue a dog from a swollen, raging river (yes, really!), but I cannot put a blog onto my own damn domain name and actually feature tweets from this decade. Really.