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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Excerpt from a nightmare

I always leave crap sitting on my stove top, and in my dream I had done the same, but I didn't realize it was a gas stove. I saw something just start to catch fire, and ran to the stove. In one instant I noticed it was a gas stove, and the fire was under the burner and I could smell the sear of gas. Just as I computed the thought I heard this deep sucking sound and a WHOMP as the stove exploded and as I was soaring through the air, limbs akimbo, realizing this is how I was going to die. What's funny is that even as I was heading toward the wall, just as my body broke through, there was still a part of me that thought maybe, just maybe I would make it out alive. So bizarre to have all of these incredibly rational thoughts in one split second as I hurtled toward death. I know I had all of the same thoughts last year when I had my car accident and again when I was assaulted, but part of me didn't think it was real at the time. I wonder if every time I come close to dying I will think that I will come out okay, because I did it twice in one year. But one time I won't. Freaky.

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