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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shit. My birthday is less than a week away.

My mom sent me an Amazon gift certificate for my birthday last night. I'm trying to figure out what to buy. I've wanted a new cookware set for ages, need new knives, want bath supplies....looking at these items with Julie & Julia on the set has made me cry. Since I turned 33 the year I had decided I would "have it all," or get it for myself if I didn't, has come and gone 12 times. It's not that I'm feeling sorry for myself, it's more an honest assessment that I have made nothing of my life, and yet seem content to let it continue.

All of the lofty dreams and ideas I have; ambitions, however small, the life in my imagination - I seem to sabotage it at every turn. I seem more content to suffer and wilt in silence than to pick myself up by my bootstraps and make something of myself. It's a horrible realization, knowing that everything I do not have is of my own making and my fear of success - I wouldn't know how to be really happy - keeps me from making a move.

I don't know what it is that has kept me from moving forward, but I've spent 20 years in a holding pattern; my life has continued but I've not grown with it. More horrifically, I only tend to realize this once per year, just a week before another has officially gone by.

Will this year be any different? Dare I try to make something of it before it's too late?

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Catcher In The Rye - The Elusive Script

If JD Salinger didn't want Hollywood to produce a live production of The Catcher in the Rye, then his wishes should be respected. I don't think it would be a shock, dear reader, to hear that nary a film has ever lived up to the book it was based upon. The subtle nuances of writing are not easily transferred to film, and many authors have been unfortunate enough to have to live with the results. It must be heartbreaking to put your life into something that is well received in the literary world only to see it laid to waste in the theater. The web is littered with lists of the letdowns and failures as well as the successes that come from transferring the written page to cinema. But of one thing I am certain; the wishes of the author should be considered before all else, after all, it was their brilliant mind that brought such a wonder to life in the first place.

The Catcher in the Rye 'to be made into Hollywood film' - Telegraph

Obama administration spends $1.2 billion on cycling and walking initiatives - Telegraph

Obama administration spends $1.2 billion on cycling and walking initiatives - Telegraph

It's fabulous to know where our priorities lie. Nobama spends over a billion dollars on biking and walking initiatives, but only $215 million to help combat domestic and sexual violence. Thank GOD he's committed to our most dire needs. - Obama Administration Planning to File Suit Against Arizona Immigration Law - Obama Administration Planning to File Suit Against Arizona Immigration Law

What, exactly, will this lawsuit entail? "Hey! This is OUR job, and we suggest you don't do it for us!"?? This administration needs to get its head out of its ass. There is not one thing they have done yet that I agree with, and it seems that the majority of polls show I am not alone in feeling misrepresented.

Parts of our country are CLOSED DOWN due to the lack of balls on this and our past president. Closed down to US citizens. Part of the United States! Because of drug dealers and murderers being more safe for our soil than TRUCKS TO PATROL THE DAMNED AREAS!

What has happened to us? Where has our heart gone? Where is our desire to succeed, to protect our citizens, to be strong for the rest of the world when they need us? Instead we have our heads in the sand.

I'm embarrassed to be represented by this bunch of idiots.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

First time I've ever seen my BF in jail

And its a commercial promo...I didn't even see the actual story, although it was on all local channels. Go figure.