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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Look at this horrid job posting. THEY WANT SERIOUS APPLICANTS ONLY

My first recommendation after 15 years as an HR professional would be to take your job search off of CraigsList when looking FOR SERIOUS APPLICANTS ONLY. My second recommendation would be to take some time with the ad, ensuring it was put together using proper English and punctuation. Utilizing full sentences usually gets those SERIOUS APPLICANTS' WITH BACHELORS DEGREES attention far more than the intimidation tactics of SCREAMING AT THEM WITH CAPITAL LETTERS. You might also want to look into the proper terminology. If you are asking for any old bachelor's degree, it receives an apostrophe s. If you require a specific degree, such as a Bachelor of Science degree, then you wouldn't need the apostrophe. Amazingly, I don't need a bachelor's degree to know these things. I AM SERIOUSLY UNEDUCATED.

They put so much emphasis on a bachelor's degree that they forget what it is supposed represent - quality. If the person who put this ad together holds a bachelor's degree we can either assume THEY DON'T TAKE THEIR JOB SERIOUSLY or they went to the community college, where they DIDN'T TAKE THEIR CLASSES SERIOUSLY.

Service Coordinators - Conduct intake assessments of people referred for services and supports. Based on the identified individual needs develop a Care Plan which addresses the needs Assures quality services are being provided to all assigned people who receive supports through the management, supervision and evaluation of direct care staff. Ensures compliance with all contract requirements. A Bachelor Degree is a MUST (SERIOUS APPLICANTS ONLY)

Office Manager - Office managers organize and supervise all of the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of an office. Manager will also need to be willing to grow and expand the business with various marketing strategies. Home Health Care experience and Bachelor Degree is a MUST. (SERIOUS APPLICANTS ONLY)