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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Livin the dream

After six months in jail, not only was a new charge added to my boyfriend's case, but it has now been switched to a new DA. One who needs the "felony experience." First the public defender's office quits and now they're using him as a learning experience for the justice system. A DA with an ax to grind, I'm sure. Turns out his wife was on trial earlier this year for trying to kill him. Must be a great guy!

Of course, I find none of this out via the Victim's Assistance person in the DA's office, because the DA's office is prosecuting on behalf of the state, not for me. But they'd still like to meet with me to prepare me as best as possible for what will happen when they put me on the stand.

I've decided they can all wait with baited breath on what I will say on the stand. Oh goody! Doesn't this all sound like FUN? Do yourself a favor, if you are ever attacked, don't leave until you have killed your attacker. You will be treated far better from that side than you will ever be treated as a victim

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