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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is this meant to be an entrees or a side dish? Is it meant for families? I don't think it would work for either. Smallest portions EVER.

Yes, I'm now watching Chuck

So many of my Twitter friends are rabid Chuck fans, but I didn't make it past about five episodes in the first season. I really wanted to like it, but Chuck was just too bumbling. The first episode was such a great set up, but the execution didn't make it compelling enough to be must see TV. I remember seeing Zachary Levi on The Bonnie Hunt show and thinking he was such a great guy that it made me want to watch Chuck even more. Didn't happen.

The little show that could got renewed and my Twitter friends said that this year he would be a super spy. Okay, okay. I watched. And I enjoyed it! Chuck is still likable, but he's not bumbling any more. He has more confidence. There are less "the joke is on Chuck the silly Buy More spy" moments, and it suits the overall appeal of Chuck. I actually find myself looking forward to watching it. {Gasp!}

Admittedly, I wouldn't be upset if the Buy More portion of the show disappeared all together. With the exception of his best friend, the rest of the characters are annoying and clownish. The trend these days of working in the generic version of Sam's Club or Home Depot is to, I assume, show that no matter their super skills (RIP Reaper), our heroes are still just regular guys. In the "old days" Superman worked as a reporter, Wonder Woman was in the Military, The Bionic Woman was a teacher and even Electra Woman and Dyna Girl were reporters. Now our heroes work retail. I'm not sure what that says about the average American. Just sayin'.

Finally, I awoke today to a very shitty movie on Showtime. Shitty, but conservative; pro-America. Not a popular Hollywood trait. Turns out Zachary Levi was in it which, I will assume given the rest of the cast, makes him a conservative (I leave out Republican, because the best conservatives are Independents, like me). That made me look into Mr. Levi just a bit more, and it seems not only is he a nice guy, most likely a conservative in a sea of progressives, but he's also a devout Christian. Despite the fact that I don't relish organized religion, I find him even more appealing knowing that in this political climate and in his profession specifically, he goes against the grain. Makes me want to really root for his success, and gives me an even more compelling reason to watch Chuck.

Live long and prosper, Chuck!

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Friday, January 22, 2010


I just want to create a new damned blog. Every attempt turns to shit. Now I can't even get my twitterfeed to show recent tweets. They are from October. October 2009. A man can walk on the moon (well, maybe), a jet carrying 300 passengers can fly through the air (well, maybe) and the Los Angeles Fire and Rescue can actually rescue a dog from a swollen, raging river (yes, really!), but I cannot put a blog onto my own damn domain name and actually feature tweets from this decade. Really.