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Monday, February 15, 2010

Entertainment I can't live without

It's the old stranded on a deserted island game.  I was looking through my CDs, DVDs, books, etc., and tried to think of what items of each I could not live without.  I figure all of this would have to be housed on my Droid with some sort of solar charger, so I hope they come up with inexpensive 32 GB micro SD cards and a solar charger before I am stranded.

Not limiting myself to any particular number of any items, because in some cases I couldn't live without an entire catalog of a particular artist or an entire series.  And you can fit a hell of a lot of stuff onto 32 GB, and is my damn world, so I'm taking as much as I can!

Aimee Mann.  It was reading her tweets and realizing her music has not left my side in over 20 years that made me think of this in the first place.  I can be incredibly down, and just to listen to one Aimee Mann song (whether through Til Tuesday or solo), can take me to a different place entirely.  Her music is as ingrained in my life as any of my memories along the way.

Nelson DeMille.  Entire library.  There has only been one book by DeMille that I didn't thoroughly enjoy, and it was a follow-up to one of my favorite books of all time, The Gold Coast.  Really, he should have left it alone. I think that with so much time in between the original and the sequel, his life took just a different direction and where the characters would have ended up earlier was not where the ended up later.  But so many of his books I can read again and again, that I would choose his to accompany me on my Droid.

(I must interrupt this post to tell you how much I despise the commercials. I'd rather be water boarded.)

Movies and TV are pretty easy to determine.  I just did this, theoretically, by purchasing new Blu-Ray discs of movies I already had on DVD.  I'll just list them.  You can read into it what you want.
Final Destination series
Supernatural TV series
Friday the 13th parts 1 and 2
Live Free or Die Hard
Cast Away (tips!)
Just Married
Charlies Angels (entire series not currently available, but its my world)
The Bionic Woman (I have it downloaded from some other country, so I'll take it!)
Marilyn Monroe (all)
In Bruges
Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series

Ayn Rand. Entire library.  It might not seem as relevant and important to me if I was alone with my entertainment, but her philosophy speaks so well to what I believe she should make the trip.

Counting Crows - August and Everything After

Theory of a Deadman and Three Days Grace catalogs.

I find myself entirely bored now.  How pathetic is that.  Right in the middle of a stranded island and I peter off. Since I don't think I'll be stranded any time soon, I figure I can finish this up later.

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