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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Another Saturday Night....

And I ain't got nobody...

Really, that "ain't" how I feel about life right now, because it's pretty damned good. I have my car back (thank you Pep Boys!) and my money and my WINE! My friends are all a touch away and I hit the dentist on Tuesday after a visit with mom on Monday.

I've been working my ass off for little reward and I feel things are about to pay off. I'm not exactly sure how, or when, but my time is coming. It's a good feeling. No, I haven't started drinking from the cups yet, so I haven't lost my mind.

I'm about to watch This Is the End and then World War Z, so entertainment is covered. I love a movie night. My precious cats and my sister's mumble mumble there are too many to mention the number here lest I be labeled a crazy cat lady mumble are rumbling all through the house, with a few of the more dainty variety pitter pattering instead. A plastic tub of mouth watering sweet-on-the-inside, tart-on-the-outside Concord grapes rests beside me and I'm eating them as if I am an Egyptian queen. Did they have grapes? If the weather was a high plains desert like Colorado, then I'm guessing not, because I squealed with delight when I saw these on the shelf at the grocery story today. I haven't had them in 20 years. You just can't get them in Colorado. At least I never saw them.

Apparently Hatch green chilies come to Pennsylvania once month of the year, but I never caught a Concord grape in Colorado. I'm not sure that's a fair trade off.

Listen to some music, my friends, and feel free to drop by on G+ or here on Blogger to tell me how you're doing. Enjoy your Saturday night!