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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Quick personal update!

Hey there! I'm on my own today as Mitzi had to work. Booo! It was another gorgeous day, although there has been a constant threat of a strange storm coming to the area. It has yet to arrive; hopefully it will just continue to fester off the coast, arrive some time after Sunday. That would be brilliant!

Only one more day of actual vacation. That kind of sucks. Seems like a work week drags forever but vacation is gone in an instant. Of course, even vacation is not without its worries, so I continue to be stressed in spite of my best efforts.

Decided I'll continue the blog for my mom even after vacation, because this cell phone posting is do damned easy, and she never really gets to know what's going on in my life other than calls, emails and myspace. Quick photo links are so easy, it's ridiculous not to continue!

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